Fashion a reaction on society?

It is often said. Fashion is a reaction to what is going on in society. The Flemish political scientist Helmut Gaus underlined in 1992 the relationship between an economic crisis and fashion in his study People and Fashion.

Maximal-ism thrives since 2010, when the world began to recover from the most serious economic crisis since The great Recession. The past fashion month however, displayed a tendency towards minimalism. This trend was first noticed during the European Men’s Fashion Week in January. Designers chose darker, more muted colors for their garments. Designers like Alyx and Ermenegildo Zegna emphasized neutral colors and their collections were more subdued than in their previous collections. [read more in this article]


Altea was founded in 1892, when Guiseppe Sartori opened his store selling shawls and ties. The rest his history. The Sartori family still manages the ‘store’ that has changed in a dynamic and solid company with more than 3500 customers worldwide. The collection has expanded; the ties and shawls are accompanied by suits, shirts, knitwear, jackets, trousers and coats. The Altea collections are characterized by the usage of edgy colors and prints that are combined in a very sophisticated and elegant way.

Blue Industry

Blue Industry is a contemporary brand with an impressive allround collection. The excellent fit, the usage of fashionable fabrics with cheeky patterns and design make sure that the man wearing Blue Industry stands out from the crowd.

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Gimo’s is a composition of the founding fathers’ last names: Renzo Girardin en Antonio Moschino. These men decided mid 1960s – when leather jackets represented freedom, to produce leather jackets themselves. Soon the brand grew to become an international manufacturer of coats in more (high quality) fabrics than only leather. Today Renzo’s children Sabrina and Massimo hold the fort. “We are not a total-look label. This results in the fact that we can focus on just the production of coats and leather coats in particular.”

Morse Code®

As a new lifestyle brand, built on experience, morse code® reinvents the polo shirt and reinstates its premium status. How is all of this achieved? Going back to the original polo shirt as it was introduced in the late 1800’s by the players of the Hurlingham Polo Club near Buenos Aires, Argentina. Impressed by the style, Morse Code® reintroduces this particular authentic button down collar.

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Nino Danieli

Nino Danieli was founded in the 1920s in the Italian city of Verona. Since the 1950s is this brand part of the Corneliani company. Nino Danieli clothing is the ultimate fashion brand for the fashion-conscious man.
With an elegant collection of shirts, suits, casual pants and jackets, you’re definitily dressing to impress.