Re-HasH is a young brand, which was founded by group FG Ltd. Each model of this brand is tailored and cut by master craftsmen to adapt to the shape of every body. The trousers are made with traditional Italian tailoring techniques. Attention to details are the soul of the brand, completely made in Italy.

Luigi Borrelli

In 1904 Anna Borrelli began working in the studio of her aunt who was a professional in designing and manufacturing shirts. From this aunt, Anna learned how to make the perfect shirt. In 1928 she opened her own store for her regular customers and in the 1940’s she involved her own son Luigi in her small enterprise. Under the regime of Luigi the business thrived.
From 1997 the company started a process of brand extension. Tailored garments, outerwear, jeans, knitwear and accessories and even perfume turned the brand into a total look collection. Products are designed with the quality. All products are handcrafted in Italy, making the Borrelli production the greatest expression of Neapolitan tailoring and excellence.

CC Collection Corneliani

CC collection Corneliani is dedicated to younger clients, typified by the young man who demands an excellent price/quality ratio and elegance combined with good manufacturing quality.

Attention to details makes garments fresh and never commonplace, with basic workmanship that uses good quality fabrics and a clear stylistic component.